Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014

¡Buenos Dias familia y amigos!
                This week has seriously flown by. Every week gets faster and faster but now it´s the end! I only have 4 days left here which is sort of really terrifying. No more language instruction or study or whatever. Just a bunch of training for the field and proselyting and church and packing and whatever else. So I´m a wee bit nervous. But you know, if I have faith, I will be able to teach and testify of this gospel so that is good. Hopefully God loves the people of Uruguay and wants them to receive the Gospel or else my tongue won´t be loosed. I have obtained the word and now I seek to convince men of the gospel. See D&C 11:21. You guys wouldn´t believe how many fold my testimony of the scriptures has been greatened. Also, I apologize for my English from now till the end of my mission. Sentence structure is wack in Spanish and now all my language speaking is confused and what not. It´s just a big mess. Somehow I am supposed to teach to real people in four days. Who knows how. Anyways…
                I told you guys that Elder Evans was to come last Thursday and he did and it was incredible. One of the best experiences of my life by far. I am so sorry but I don´t have my notes with me. I would write about what he talked about, impressions that came to me during the talk, and notes on his wife´s talk etc but alas, I cannot. We all shook their hands, told them where we were from etc. I can´t remember anything about it right now but be assured, it was awesome.
                While still on a spiritual subject, today we watched another rerun of a Provo MTC devotional. This devotional was one of the most, if not the most, powerful devotionals/talks I have ever seen. Elder Bednar is most definitely my favorite apostle now. He bore the most powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon I have ever seen. If there is somehow a way you guys can obtain this MTC devotional, do it. It was January 14th 2014. It will be worth the effort of searching for.
                Last Saturday we once again went proselyting and had funny experiences. One guy we talked to was extremely drunk and rambled on to us about something along the lines of, ¨I drink, want wine?¨ And all the sudden I heard the word Satanás which is Satan in Spanish so we started saying we need to go. Then, we started a search for a bathroom. After unsuccessfully finding a public restroom, we decided to ask a nice old man. After about 15 minutes of small talk about us, the gospel and such, we said we need to go to the bathroom. 2 of us out of the trio companionship that I am in needed to go so he said yes. I forgot to mention we were talking through his gate. Everyone has gates here. EVERYONE. So he let one companion in and then said, ¨soló uno¨ and closed the gate which worried us exceedingly. So in my awful broken Spanish, I said ¨Necesitamos vamos tembien y ser en la mizmo lugar.¨ Which means we need to go together and be in the same place which was not what I should have said. He then asked, in the same room!? You guys are homosexual!? So we quickly said no no no and cleared it up but it was still weird watching our companion leave with an old man. Thankfully all went well and we got to go the bathroom, give him and Book of Mormon and leave safely. We are guessing he just didn´t want to be robbed by three large white people. There are also cows, horses, and ponies that chill in the middle of the road so we petted a pony and just kept going. Little kids seem to enjoy poking horses in the face for fun which was hilarious to watch.
( A side note, I am a giant here! It is so dang exciting. No joke, a lot of people, guys and girls alike, are about 4´8¨. No joke. Brandon is bigger than most adult men here. It is so awesome. I can´t imagine being Steffen´s height here. Everyone is tiny!)
                This last Sunday we went outside to nap since it felt good for a little while but then the sun came out while I was asleep on my side so I have a half sunburnt face which is pretty dang funny looking. And no, I will not send a picture!
                I also gained the desire to start Jesus the Christ which is huge and daunting, but I truly want to know my Savior better so I am going to do it. I just finished the Book of Mormon a few weeks ago so I started that over again, so I am trying to read Jesus the Christ, Book of Mormon and New Testament because I enjoy Pauls epistles so much. I finished Romans which is an incredible book so now I am reading Corinthians. The scriptures are just packed with cool things! Who knew! (Answer, everyone besides me and I didn’t believe them.)
                Anyways, other than that, I bought these things called alfajors here and I bought them for a peso and a half which is like 10 cents! (I bought new garments at the distribution center for 10 pesos each which equals about 1.25 dollars a garment. What a steal!) They are delicious and I am so excited about it. I just bought a bunch of oreos, soda, alfajors and Kinder chocolate. German chocolate is quite prominent here. We also got ice cream with Dulce de Leche in it which was also incredible. They are obsessed with this thing called Dulce de Leche which means sweet of the milk and is extremely similar to caramel. Almost all sweets here have it in them. Ice cream, cake, brownies, alfajors etc.
Important! On Monday (I believe afternoon here so anywhere from 10:00 to 2:00 PM at home) I get to call home for a few minutes before we leave. The president figured we would waste too much time at the airport trying to figure it out in a different language so we get to call from here on Monday in late morning or early afternoon so someone should be home then. If no one is home, I assume I will just try to call dad´s cell phone and at least say goodbye to someone. Next time I get to call home is in like four months so someone should definitely pick up the phone. Don´t forget!
Also important! Mother, please prepare my debit card for use in Uruguay. If I need extra money I need to pull it out of an ATM and it might reject it if you don´t let the bank know beforehand. PLEASE DO THIS. PLEASE, AND THANK YOU.
Mother, regarding a early care package if you love me, a few things I would enjoy are Nutella or candy or something. American food is cherished here by the Americans. Sorry for the redundancy. We miss our fatty candy, chips, and variety or food. Not that it´s bad, it´s just different. It´s actually quite good. We had steak again yesterday. We get steak about once a week but most every meal has plenty meat. Also, a necklace (I´ll send Steffen what I would enjoy) to attach my vial of oil too. I just want my vial of oil on my person. If it is possible which is probably isn´t based on customs of Uruguay for packages, I would love another bottles of Kyoku facial lotion but it´s all good if it doesn´t work or you don´t want to take the risk.Also, more pens. I really want some more pens; preferably fine tip and don´t bleed so much. Dad gave me one silver heavy one that I enjoy. So maybe refills for that or multiple colors, or more pens in general. I just want some nice pens that are skinny, don´t bleed so much and whatever. Through email, I would appreciate if dad would send my Priesthood line of authority so I can carry that around and show people. If I can´t print, maybe you can send it in a letter one day. Also, I still haven´t gotten your letter mother. I hope it gets here before I leave!
Reguarding the decision to get glasses. I am very grateful I got glasses before I left, and I sit like 8 feet from the board. Because of dim lighting and our markers are not strong, especially the color red, I can´t see anything. I actually need glasses now and use them every class. Terrible but good thing I got them after all.
I forgot to mention that since there are only sixteen of us North Americans, our Sunday classes are hilariously small. Priesthood is seven people and sacrament is sixteen. How funny right? Way different than home.
Anyways, love you guys, and hope you are all doing fine! Please email me if you guys need anything or want to know about anything specific! I wish I could get souvenirs from Argentina but no shops in the suburbs have stuff like that. Let me know what you want from Uruguay. Don[t forget about my call on Monday and preparing my Debit card for Uruguay mother. Thank you. Have a great week!
Elder Moss

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