Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
Thanks so much everyone for the constant mail. It really does help. After a hard week, hearing about your guy´s similar  hard weeks, successes and happiness helps me. Thanks!
This week has been very rough. I first got like 6 spider bites or milipede or centipede bites that reacted pretty bad. Got some bad swelling but we have a sister in the mission who we call to know what to do so that has been getting better. But then I got a food poisoning of sorts and that was truly rough. I had the worst stomach pains ever but what was incredible was the strength from the Lord. It started at 11 AM and I just felt terrible but pushed on. We saw dfferent appointments and it just kept hurting and then when I thought I could truly go no home. And when it hurt that bad, all I could honestly think about was going home( home home). But I pushed on with His help for one last visit for a truly poor, broken, loving couple. At the end of the visit, I couldn´t feel my arms, I was shaking badly because it hurt so bad but then the poor sister asked for a visit. When she did I knew I was able to push on for a reason. We gave the blessing and then I just cried the rest of the way home. We called the district leader and he gave me advice so I got better within 24 hours again but that was rough. It was a long 24 hours but that was a crazy experience that I won´t forget soon. I can´t thank the Lord enough for my mother and father. If it wasn´t for them, I would not have all the first aid stuff I have already needed three times this week for three different things. I don´t know what i did to recieve such incredible inspired people. I never thought i would get sick in certain ways but I have in every single way I wouldn´t have planned for. Hopefully my whole mission won´t be filled with allergic reactions, bites, and food poisoning but if it does, oh well. 

Living conditons in my area are comparatively great because we have a mini fridge, stove, microwave, and oven but no AC or heater. These winter months will be Hell for sure. The humidity kills in every aspect here. Heat and cold. Couldn´t be more grateful for your tiny sleeping bag dad! I almost wasn´t going to take that too! You are the man dad. Thanks for everything. To answer a couple questions mother, my companion, the best companion ever, does play soccer. He also did Brazilian Jut Jitzu so I feel safe too. Lots of thieves and hoodlums here so that´s nice! I haven´t used the bug spray actually... I forgot I had it. Oh well. Now I do. But also, on Google Earth, we can see the airport from our area easily. So just look at the area near the airport and that is us. It is called prosperidad. I don´t know much else, sorry! 

The rest is just average news. Our branch is awesome and the members are great. They even made me a simple meal so I could eat without upsetting my stomach on Sunday so that was awesome. Bland food but it didn´t get upset. The days are hard still. The beginning is the worst but it will get better. I miss you guys more than I wish but I just pray that the Lord will bless you guys. Everything is going well now. My companion is still awesome and we still dance around at night to Disney music Josh Groban and what not because he has an MP3 so that is always fun. We struggle with investigators

but then new ones come and confidence is restored. I always complained back home about the ignorance of Americans and felt this place would be way better but it´s just as bad. The world is just becoming ripened for destruction and all we can do is help them, our families, and ourselves. Hope you all are doing great and don´t envy food poisoning too much ;) I pray for you guys always! Keep it real back in the US. I figured out that I like the US and it´s commodities than I always thought. I guess this is payback for all the negative comments I made back home. Oh well. Other than that, these computers are hilarious. Basically 15 years old running xp. 

Love you guys and all the letters. THey help me a lot, keep doing what youre doing. Endings are always awkward. Sorry. Love you guys!
Elder Moss

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