Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Today at 1:11 PM
So having strictly and hour out here to email sucks. 
SO please send me addresses and I will definitely write and send letters and whatever else. I feel terrible that I can´t personally write everyone back but I do love every single letter and I love hearing about everyone´s lives and how everything is going. You guys are seriously the best! Keep doing what you are doing. Send pictures and stories and whatever. It`s so great to see them every week.
Uruguay is absolutely crazy. Everything about it. I uploaded a ton of pictures to my skydrive for mother to upload so I hope she posts them!
The first few days were really hard because you are just so far from home, you don`t understand what anyone is saying and all you do is walk, teach and repeat. 
We are also strongly disliked here which is quite funny. Most people ingnore us (about 70%) and then most who do, call us names once we pass them. They also yell insults I won`t repeat out the windows and some kids chucked rocks at us. The big ones didn`t hit us but one of them got me with a little one. It`s pretty funny. Another huge group of like 22 year old men were just causing trouble and when we walked by and said hi, they shook our hands and one grabbed mine, pulled me back and started mumbling spanish and seemed mad. He had a crazy grin. It was scary. I pulled away and we walked away quickly. Crazy kids here. Always seem to be causing trouble. 
As expected everyone seems to play Soccer and very good at it. We played an intense district game of soccer today in the stake center about 40 kms away so that was awesome. Very talented latinos at soccer. 
We also walk for what seems like eternities but it`s getting better. Mother bought me great shoes, slacks, shirts etc so the heat and walking is bearable. We also take the bus a bunch because that is a big thing here and all seats are full and then people pushing and shoving on the bus. It is ridiculous how many people are out and about. My first area isn`t too poor(here. Relatively speaking.) but it`s nothing like home. 
My favorite investigator, Miguel and his soon to be wife Allison, lives in a metal shack. They are getting married so that he can be baptized. She was a member but probably went inactive so now they are both coming and getting married so that he can be baptized. He is such a stud.  It`s crazy. We helped them unload a bunch of really old not in good condition things yesterday and taught a little lesson. The lessons are always great because everyone is so unkind, but then those who are, are extremely kind. We taught a (first) lesson and at the end asked her to be baptized and now we are preparing her for her baptism on the 30th! Crazy huh!?
The members are crazy awesome though. Our ward mission leader Juan Carlos is so great and helps us with everything. We great great meals in this area and only get a lunch because that is the big meal here. We get 3200 pesos a month which sucks. It`s about 150 dollars but everything is terribly expènsive here. A liter of milk is like1.5 dollars. So shopping is a struggle. 
A bunch of members and missionaries here have tattoos which I think is awesome. It seems to be a lot less judgemental here which is sweet.
The motorcycles are terribly annoying along with the three thousand dogs. 
My companion is the best because he speaks just enough english so it is frustrating to not know spanish but we get along just fine. All Peruvians I have met are just studs. 
I love that the church is the same everywhere. In Priesthood we are talking about Joseph Fielding Smith, songs are the same (different languages) and sacrament, relief society and so forth. I love this church dearly and how it is always the same. That`s what makes us different! We are only in a branch of 60ish people but we filled the chapel and got four investigators to go this last week! It was great! 
I am quite anxious about changes arçlready because I love my companion so much already. I should just request it of our president. (Joke) Our president is also brand new, only a week here just like us! He is great though and so loving. 
There are probably more mosquitos in one neighborhood here than people in the world. It is AWFUL. Always have bug bites. When it rains here, it pours and we got drenched this last week but we loved it. It`s better than this killer heat and humidity. 
We also see roosters, cows, sheep, dogs, cats, chickens, naked children sometimes etc. There are a wide variety of living things here which is hilarious. 
We email in this cyber cafe with computers from the 90s. Like the huge 30 pound monitors and huge towers which is hilarious. They are like 15 years behind the US here which is hilarious. 
Other than that, I love you all and hope you enjoy hearing about first impressions. Sorry it was all muddled, it will be better next week. I will be more specific and organized because it won´t be first impressions anymore. Love you guys. It`s hard out here but very worth it. The missionaries are beacons of light and hope here so it`s rewarding. We have already given three blessings in one week. The people need us so it`s great. Help the missionaries in your area! They need help, love, care in concern! 

Elder Moss

Our address is Domingo Mora 8015 Montevideo, Uruguay if you can find it and check it out!

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  1. Danke, Monika, fuer die posts! Klingt ja sehr aufregend ! Liebe Gruesse