Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014

Dear mother,

I have arrived safely in Uruguay and am in a kind member´s home just writing a quick email that I made it safely. It is crazy being here and the crazy emotions with it. It is very hard but I got yours and Aaron´s packages today and they lifted my heart like crazy. I can´t thank you guys enough. Especially the letters from Ella and Adrienne. Tell them I appreciate their kind letters immensely. It is tough here. Of all the Americans I am the only one who got a latino companion which is tough but great. He is so kind and knows a little Spanish. He is from Peru and is a trainer at only 4.5 months! His name is Elder Torres and of all 260 missionaries, for the five of us gringos arriving, he is training me. At only 4.5 months! He is great and everything but it´s tough, no doubt. Everything here is hard. I will write more Monday. If you can send international stamps through the mail. We only get an hour here compared to two back at the CCM. I can only read them and reply with a short mass email. So letters will be used much more. I love you all and appreciate you immesnely. You have no idea. Need to preach the gospel, love you!

Elder Moss

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