Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
We have water bottles with filters but we still shower, wash dishes, brush teeth with the regular water. I do not think it did it to me. I believe it is the milk and other foods. Oil and fat and whatever is in EVERYTHING. They think oil is seriously a flavor here. Its gross but whatever. I will live. 
Today Hell broke loose in our house when they replaced our broken window because about 15 spiders and 50 ants crawled into the house and we had no spray left so tonight we are sleeping in the kitchen and going to kill them for fun. Its terrifying. We already killed 5 spiders. Only like infinity more.
This week I also had my first two baptism which I hope the pictures will send. It was awesome and I was first to baptize which was a little scary but great. I did everything fine and it was just great. The second woman being baptized is great but very big and decided not to wear a bra to the baptism so everyone starting cracking up after she was baptized. My companion couldn´t figure out what happened to a little while after. It was so awkward and funny. Kind of innappropriate and I am sorry but it was so funny I couldnt resist writing about it.
Last Saturday we also had the opportunity to help build a house for a member with like 15 of the branch members which was way fun! Who can honestly say they have helped build a house? Not many! It was way cool and a nice break from studying. 
Today we had an awesome crazy P Day again and are emailing during proselyting time because we had to work today. Today I was a witness to a marriage paper thing for a couple who are getting married to get baptized! Sick huh? They are extremely poor so they got money from the branch and live in a shack literally made of metal sheet and wood. Its sweet, and I will send pictures when I can. 
Bread here is everywhere and so good. We almost get homemade bread on a daily basis. The members are the best. But the best meals are from the two rich families in the ward where we get incredible salads, homemade bread, ice cream, and really expensive sausage. It is so good. Today we went bulk shopping since it is so expensive and bought 10 pounds of frosted flakes and corn flakes. It is awesome. I will try to send a pic. 
Here it is normal to breastfeed everywhere and anywhere which is so awkward. I have now seen six women breastfeeding. In yards, the bus (popular for this) and one member just started in the middle of a lesson. Super awkward and I cant even describe how weird it was. Me and my companion just stared at each other and the ground. Anyways... Our mission broke our record for baptisms EVER this month with 178 baptisms from 260ish missionaries. And me and my companion helped with two of those! We call ourselves studs a lot. Its pretty funny.
Instead of ice cream trucks here, they drive around with trucks filled with propane cans and play the most annoying and loud song ever. It is awesome. Instead of wonderful ice cream, its disgusting gas cans. How awful. 
I forgot to mention, one of our baptism, we found out four days before the day of their baptism that she smoked but we helped her and now she has quit smoking! How crazy! The faith of some people is incredible.
Also, in the cyber cafe here, kids just sit here and play CoD, look at Facebook, and one stud is playing Warcraft which is awesome. Far too tempting though haha. But yeah, I hear a lot of gunshots right now.
I was also standing in a bus just waiting for our stop, and I let go for one second. Then, all the sudden we came to a crazy stop and I flew four rows back, grabbed a pole, flew over a seat and landed on some dudes lap and smooshed his face into the window. My Branch Mission leader and companion were dying while I awkwardly got up, said sorry and went to the back. It was absolutely hilarious. They call me the Chocador which means the crasher. It was beyond hilarious. We still laugh about it and it was like last Monday night.
WHat is also funny is kids here put their facebook names on bus stops, benches and everywhere for people to friend them. It is really funny and kind of sad. I am very confused about my emotions on it. 
Every few days it rains, and when it rains, it pours. The river about 20 feet below the bridge once filled completely and flooded the bridge. CRAZY rain here.
In church, the Branch President and his parents are the only rich people and during the lesson on fifth sunday this last week, the Branch President who is great but very demanding and a little rude, shushed his mother and others during the lesson because he didnt agree. Then when people said what he liked, he said muy bien like they are children. It was so funny and so hard not to laugh. He is crazy. But great guy nonetheless.
Other people are still nuts and splash water on us with their bikes and cars when its raining which is always fun. But whatever. We were wet already anyways.
Overall, a very productive week and great. I can´t wait to tell you guys about all my experiences so far when we call home for mothers day. It is just so funny and crazy and wonderful and stressful. Still difficult but getting better. Especially when you rely on the Lord even more than you do already. 
Love you guys! Thanks for everything you do! 
Elder Moss

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