Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mar 7th, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
It is weird! In 5 days, I will only have 10 months left in my mission. Weird to think how fast it has gone here. Only 2.5 weeks left till I hit the normal mission life again and get back to it!
And I am sill the only driver in the offices so I am always extremely busy, and I even taxid President, his wife, and the other mission president and his wife around this week.
Well I guess I should start from the beginning. 
last saturday night someone broke into our house yet again while we were all sleeping. Most everyone sleeps in one room because it has air conditioning and that is a rarity here so everyone takes advantage of it. So they busted the gate open, helped each other up to the second floor and then walked into the window because the bars over the windows swing and they didn't lock them so they stole the secretaries two bags with marked scriptures, camera, wallet, personal card, mission card, DVD player, 60 dollars, ipod, speakers, and clothes and shoes. So they were not happy just like I wasn´t. They didn't come into our room because luckily we were in our room sleeping that night but now, like old times I chained up all my stuff again. So they can come back for my stuff when they want. I am good! hahaha but really, crazy week again. 
Then President went to a conference in Chile with 26 other mission presidents with the other mission president in Uruguay and I took them to the airport and picked them up again. but we played a little joke and printed off signs with their names like a taxi/limousine driver would and stood there in suits which was funny. Only thing that wasn´t funny was they were in a bad mood because the airline lost their luggage so it wasn't as funny as we thought it would be. But then he still bought us ice cream on the way home which was nice!
I also saw some old friends(members) from my last areas which was awesome and brightened my day. So good seeing old friends and that after a year, they still remember me! 
The mission went through some huge changes after a area seventy came and called us to repentance for baptizing badly. We were baptizing too fast and people that weren't ready and it contributes to the really low church attendance rate here so now we have really strict requisites for baptizing now and I am excited. Now it is three weeks of church attendance, 3 hours each week(Many only came for sacrament and were baptized anyways), can´t baptize kids if their isn't legitimate support(We have had many problems with that) and all five lessons of Preach my gospel must be taught before baptism. So now many will decide not to be baptized because it will be too hard but that is good. It will keep all those people to cause problems in the church, out. Now we are going to really establish the church in Zion. 
 I don´t know if there is much more that happened that is too noteworthy but it was a fantastic week topped off with Soccer and Volleyball for a few hours today. Great great week which was really nice. Other than that, I hope you guys have a great week and am eager to hear about what is going on with you guys. Til next week!
Elder Moss

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  1. That is quite frightening. It's good that you're fine, though. It was a good thing that they were not brazen enough to enter the room where you were sleeping, and that you and your possessions were not stolen. Your idea of chaining things up might not be a bad idea, or keeping them out of sight before going somewhere or tucking in for the night. If they still won't reinforce the security of the windows and doors, at least you have a way to protect your precious belongings. Take care!

    Joyce Roberson @ LockedOut LockSmiths