Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jan 26th, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
So this week has once again been really great! Always so darn busy, but we just keep going! This week we had a conference for new missionaries and sometimes missionaries come from far away areas. So they ask me to help them, by paying their way back. So only four asked me, but knowing forgetful missionaryes, I took out a big check just to be sure, and took a lot more money than I was planning. Sure enough, 10 missionaries asked me to pay afterall and I barely had enough even with all the extra money I took out. So they are super lucky! I hope they will remember next time to ask beforehand, or maybe they won´t be able to get back to their areas!
We also went to the Montevideo sign that shows in the pictures and took a bunch of goofy photos and here are a few. We had to go really early in the morning before the people go to the beach because of obvious reasons. But it was super fun finally going to that, considering it is in the other mission. Not many missionaries from our mission have been able to go there so I count myself lucky!
I also saw a really cool painting in the flea market here, and bought it for 8 dollars which I am so excited about. I have wanted to buy a urguayan paiting for so long, and now I finally have one. Go me. 
Regarding the beautiful work of God, we have made a lot of progress in this area. Before the Financiers didn´t leave hardly at all but now we have a few investigators and we leave a lot more doing proselyting. Even though we have investigators now, they are not showing much progress so we really have to figure out what to do about that. I am kind of stumped with these people, but I am sure we will find a way! It has been a long while since I have had some success in regards to baptizing here since we have such little time. But we will still make the effort to make it happen! This area has only had one baptism in the past 3 years so wish us luck!
The other little problem is that changes are coming up soon so we have a lot of preparation to do for that, and won´t have much time this week. Especially since I am preparing for my last change here in the offices and have to teach my companion everything about being the ¨Chequero¨. So now he will be in charge of everything and I go back to the easy responsibilities and helping/teaching him. With the time coming close, I am especially curious as to where I will go after here. I still will have not left the captial after the first 14 months of my mission so we will see if it will be time for that coming end of March. 
Other than that stuff, I love you guys a lot. Crazy to think that yesterday I had my one year anniversary of being in the mission. Less than a year left here already. Crazy to think where the time has gone. I will just have to make the most of this second half!
Take care!
Elder Moss

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