Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feb 14th, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has of course, been insane. It was changes week again, and no I am the only driver here in the offices so I am a taxi for everyone. I was the official taxi designated by President for his wife and a sister missionary that was going home in the afternoon yesterday. So we got to go to some really cool sight seeing places, the mission president´s wife bought us really expensive mexican food and we had a great time. I feel guilty but it was great. I particularly enjoyed it and made a nice ending for changes week. Before that, it was very crazy with all the problems that pop up but everything went well. I am quite sad that all of my friends are leaving the mission and that now I never have a chance being companions with them. Lots of great missionaries are leaving and it shows. When I entered the mission, my first month we beat our record the mission has ever had by baptizing 186 in one month. The month of January we baptized 76 in total. So that is quite a difference. But we have a lot of hope in all these new missionaries that have arrived recently. A lot are studs and will be great servants in the work. 
This week we had absolutely zero time to work and now we have tons of work to do still but soon things will be normal and we will be leaving at night again to feel normal and chill a bit. My companion is now mostly in charge of all the hard things so I am happy! Just have to keep teaching him and then life will be smooth. Kind of excited to get out of here finally but I will miss it. Also driving in this country has been an experience I will never forget. Just have to keep my fingers crossed that I survive the 6 months without crashing once. That would be a great feat and then I would be assured I will never crash in the states. It´s a good feeling.
Other than that, we got some great photos recently that I will send. Love you, take care this week!
Elder Moss

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