Saturday, February 7, 2015

Feb 7, 2015

I don´t have too much to say this week to be honest. Had some strange experiences but nothing too crazy. We had to take an Elder to the hospital at 10:30 when we should already be in bed, got home at 12:00 AM. Then we slept for two hours and then we got him from the hospital and took him back home and we got home at 3:30 AM and I am really tired but oh well! It was really funny seeing Uruguay late at night on the weekend. Trust me, some of these people get weird. I saw a van stop in the middle of the intersection when we drove by the mall, Some teens got out, and then the girl just started running, the guy got back in and then they quickly drove off while I was sitting there at the red light. I couldn´t say that was a normal thing I have seen before. 
We had a very busy week as I close up being the Chequero and my companion starts taking over. Feels weird that I am already in my last change in the offices. I feel like I just started here two weeks ago. Already 18 weeks here in Malvin. Can definitely say it has been a great experience. I am in love with it here in Malvin of Montevideo. My good friend from my group who is one of the secretaries leaves the offices next week which depresses me quite a bit. He has been a ton of fun, great person to learn from and talk to, and a great source of fun. We loved making desserts together and discussing doctrine for hours, trying to figure out this immense plan God has for us. Can´t say it will be easy saying goodbye to him. On the bright side, I get to watch Meet the Mormons with the other offices elders, APs, Zone leaders and President in a half hour so that is another huge perk of being here! I am so excited to see that, and will send what I think of that next week. Still crazy to think I was in the MTC a year ago trying to figure out how to say, What is your name? In spanish. Now I have to resolve problems with homeowners and real estate agents everyday in Spanish. All that progress in just one year. Kind of incredbile thinking back. 
Next week is the week of changes and I don´t think I am ready for round four doing changes in the offices. It is always such a crazy week with no sleep and lots of junk food at all hours of the day and night. But I am still excited. Can´t wait to meet all the missionaries and see how they feel and see their excitement and anxiety. I love being able to talk to them and help them the way I was helped. They always ask us tons of questions and it is fun being able to talk to them in their first day of the next two years of their lives. 
Other than that, I love you all and wish you a wonderful week. Until next Saturday!
Elder Moss

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