Monday, August 18, 2014

August 11, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
On the Uruguay front all is well. My house is still way fun and way weird. I left our house for my birthday to go celebrate with my district leader because he is the best and some member in his ward wanted to give me Pizza and cake so we went and it was awesome. Super deleicious and fun. Butttt, when I returned in the morning my companion had a fight with someone else in the house and the other guy punched my companion and that just goes to show what happens when I am not around. My house is nuts. Ward is still way good, area rich so we get betters lunches instead of noddles and tomato paste everyday. My eating healthy went down the tube and I eat terriblly. Today I made empanadas for breakfast. It was really good. The Germany candy was delicious and is almost gone... Oh well. I eat things called Alfajors like everyday and they are absolutely awful for you and I have gained weight but whatever. No girls for 18 months! What up!
My zone leaders are awesome and really inspiring but kind of nuts too. They have a meeting once a month with all the bishops and the stake president each month and we have a problem here trying to get baptisms to happen as fast as we can and the zone leaders weren´t happy. Bishops usually delay baptisms to make sure these people will continue to go to church and our Zone leader told them that they are with the Devil with trying to not let the baptisms happen. Our bishop loves us and told us about that and then we all laughed and had a great time about that. 
Saw some guy juggling on a slack line which was really cool. These people will do anything for money here. Trust me. Anything. Someone got killed a little while ago for 2.5 dollars. Kind of crazy and I always have the sketchy areas. Don´t know why. Some other missionary got hit in the head with a slingshot with a rock so I should count my blessings that hasn´t happened yet haha.
There are more stories but I already forgot them. Oh well. Love you guys. Just let me know what you want to hear about. Take care.
Elder Moss

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