Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26th, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
So another week has passed and a lot has happened. My awesome crazy companion is heading out and I am staying here in Montevideo still. I have yet to be outside the city but I am sure that will happen soon. 
I also happened to recieve a interesting call with the changes and I have become District Leader out here in The North Zone of Montevideo with less than 7 months in the mission... I am kind of terrified but pretty dang excited. I plan on being the best district leader ever but we will see how that goes. I feel pretty unprepared but I think it will be great. I didn´t sleep well because of that and I am still on edge a bit but I am sure everything will be fine.
The weird part is that my junior companion has more time than me in the mission and he is from Peru so we will see how that goes. My trainer was from Peru and was good so we will see how this goes. 
Yesterday we had a ward activity and somehow they have the money to rent a mechanical bull and so I did that yesterday. Lots of soccer, basketball, Volleyball, and Mechanical bull hahaha. The best part was some youth from the ward came and this one less active guy came and took over the music and started doing his weird dance in the corner for forever. I honestly couldn´t keep from laughing. But then the rest of the ward started doing it to his weird techno music. These people are all so different but it is pretty awesome. Basically shame doesn´t exist here and I am not exhadurating. I know I spelled that wrong. 
But other than that I can´t remember the other crazy things that happened. I just know that they happen and I will remember in the next life. 
Love you guys, hope all is well and let me know how things are going. Take care!
Elder Moss

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