Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nov 22, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
So this week has been the craziest week of my mission by far. I think I will cry if my mother can`t upload the photos this week. This week was the week of changes so that is always insane. We stay up till all hours of the night and wake up way early and going everywhere. Since I was the only one for a time this week who had a Uruguayan license, I had to run everyone`s errands so I had to take people to the airport, for those going home. Take new missionaries to different places, and transfer a bunch of things. On top of it, we have had bad problems with neighbors in our apartment so we have been moving out and that is exhausting with all the stuff for an 8 Elder house for now. But the new house is so great but weird. 
The old owner of the house was some kind of crazy doctor but also has stickers with weed on them in our window. So we came to the conclusion that the old owner died because the real estate told us just to throw away everything we find and we found a lot. Lots of old journals, experiments, microscopes, weird lights, lots and lots of experiements etc. Super super weird. Kind of creeped out but it is awesome. I will attach photos.
But the craziest thing was the day of changes when the assistent and my companion wanted to practice driving. So them both, unlicensed, started practing with me in there and the other assistent. So we go out and it was terrifying. We almost crashed 5 times, until we finally did. President, the senior missionaries, the area offices workers, everyone was furious. I was the only one in the car with a license, and not driving. The people here in Uruguay are the most absolute awful drivers I have ever seen. If I didn`t have so much experience driving before the mission, especially stick shift which our car is, I wouldn`t drive. These people are insane, the streets are terribly done, and the drivers are full of testosterone, and stop signs and lights barely exist. Most of the intersections there is nothing. No yield, no stop signs, and few stop lights. So it is always an experience here, but I drive quite well so it is working. Not even being prideful, but I can tell judging by the other missionaries and the Uruguayans. So I hope you all enjoy the photos. I have now been in my first car accident and it was pretty crazy. The other car got absolutely wrecked, and ours, barely a dent. Our Hyundai van is quite powerful. It is huge in these streets and I think it is protected by the Spirit or something. Just incredible that nothing happened to our van and all that happened to the other car. Luckily no one got seriously hurt. The driver of the other car went to the hospital for a little whiplash but not bad. But we have to pay everything and without insurance help because they were driving without licenses. So that is going to be a lot of expenses for the church and them. Not good. So that was a tramautizing day that I will never forget. The people watching also won`t forget soon considering it was four Mormon missionaries. That is always awkward. Four hours we were there and everyone watching us as they go by, so basically half the country now knows that some Mormon missionaries got in a wreck. 
Other than that my week was really good, just very long. Taking people to the airport at all hours of the night was exhausting and not good considering I am driving in these streets. 
Something funny was that one of the secretaries had to take all the new missionaries to the doctor to make sure they are okay to live in the country and they have to take all their cups of pee there. But someone didn`t close it right and it spilled all over him. That sister missionary will never forget that I bet. 
I hope things are going back home better than they are here. I hope this week will be less crazy. One day we worked for 18 hours straight so I slept really well that night. Until we woke up again at 6:30 AM. Hahaha Oh well. 
Love you guys. have a great week, I will try to write again next week.
Elder Moss

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