Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov 15th, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
The conference with Elder Christensen was awesome, we were the first ones to see him. Plus we shook hands and talked a little while, while the rest of the five hundred missionaries were waiting patiently in the cultural hall. Super awesome. He and his wife spoke such good spanish and were awesome. He is also extremely tall which took me by surprise. But it was so awesome, I wish I took photos but we had no time.
I hope you guys enjoyed the photos that I have been taking recently, I have been taking a ton because here in the heart of the city, there is a lot of things to photograph. It is awesome. 
That sounds pretty awful about the North Pole weather you guys are having. But I guess I would still prefer it over this. It is starting to get quite warm but I guess I can´t complain with being in the offices, we seem to have it pretty good being inside all day. This next week we move houses which will be cool because he have really bad problems with neighbors. So we get a new house and it is beautiful. It even comes with carpet which is rarer than rare here in Uruguay.
But the crazy news is my trainer is coming to the offices as a secretary next week! What are the odds!? We will be together here in the offices for 18 weeks together and living in the same house and everything! How crazy no? Out of 250 missionaries, they chose me and him and we are reunited. Crazy crazy. 
This week we had an incredible dinner with the president, the secretaries, the APs, and the senior missionaries and it was so good. Turkey like my mother does it, Croissants like my mother does them, green beans like my mother, and a fruit salad. We basically had a thanksgiving dinner for the office worker that leaves and one of the APs is going home so they invited us all to dinner. Then we had an incredible peach pie. I can´t describe how great it was. To be honest, American food really is a lot better and sits in your stomach a lot easier. I do love Uruguayan food, but it was so great having some American food again. I attached some of the photos to this email. I hope my mother is able to post them! Seems to be having technical difficulties with the blog. Either way, it was awesome. 
Love you all and hope all is well in Zion. Take care
Elder Moss

P.S. No technical difficulties with the blog, just the pictures can't be transferred so far. Even Br. Moss the computer guy wasn't able to transfer them so far. We will keep trying. If nothing else, we will wait for either Brandinn Long or Steffen Moss to come and try it. Hint, hint!!!

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