Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oct 11, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Since the last time you all heard, lots of things have happened. 
I ended up not becoming a district leader because it was an error in the system but had a great change anyways. I absolutely loved the North Stake and it was a pleasure to be in Ferrocarril, Norte.
This change I have been changed to once again the city of Montevideo. Of the 13 zones in my mission, 3 are actually in Montevideo and now I have been in all three. I am now in the Stake, East and it´s great. I have been assigned as a Financier of the mission and have many responsibilities with that so it is awesome. I have a lot more power than I thought I would as a financier and it is kind of scary but awesome. I have to be very careful with all the tithing donations we receive here for the missionaries but this mission is very interesting. It is apparently one of the most expensive missions in the world and uses a lot more money than I would have thought. It is actually quite incredible. I wish I could tell you guys but I don´t feel that would be appropriate hahahaha. Either way, it is awesome and I am really living the good life. From our apartment complex we see the ocean and always have a very nice ocean breeze as the heat comes. If you want you can look up malvin in Montevideo uruguay, that is were I am. 
Something funny is that we drive around with the APs all the time and one is from California and drives like a maniac. It is awesome though. No speed limits, windy beach roads, and narrow streets makes it very very interesting. Especially with the quantity of buses here. The neighborhood is extremely rich so not too much success regarding the work but we barely have time for that. I still have not been able to work yet. We have sooo many responsibilities we have to fulfill and sadly don't have nearly as much time to visit people. It really is a difference and is hard. Teaching and proselyting is awesome and tiring but this is just tiring. Very very long days of office things. We don´t have language study anymore, and no dinner or lunch time. We just get lunch and come back and work more. Buuuut, we do have awesome lunches because we have Burger King, McDonalds, Subway etc which is awesome. We are in the super rich part of Uruguay so we have many many American things which is cool. Not as exciting as I thought it would be but still great.
Either way, it is awesome being here and crazy to think I will be here for 6 months, for sure. It will be hard but awesome. Many benefits and a few negatives but it will be great. Love you all and hope all is well. Hope you enjoyed conference as much as I did. Some very incredible talks given. Can´t wait to start driving the mission cars and go to appropriate places of the beach(They have a problem here with modesty) at appropriate times haha. No swimming though sadly. Oh well.Take care!
Elder Moss

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