Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14th, 2014

Hey Family and Friends!
We are starting to move into Winter and it is going to get very very cold. The humidity is REAL. 
I look forward to Easter but not for normal reasons. Maybe we can change the paths for some of the bi annual mass goers! Not too many catholics here like I guessed. A lot of everything actually. Evangelists are big here, Catholics, Jehovah witnesses, little churches etc. 
Thiefs are fun to deal with because they make the day interesting. We have to go different ways, turn around and run around which is always fun. We always hide our valubles and watch others watch us closely.
This week we saw a huge tarantula just chilling in front of a member´s home which was terrifying. I hate spiders enough but when they are that big...I feel like Satan made those things himself.
We have a member in the ward who makes everything himself so I had some incredible homemade peanut butter that me and my companion are going to attempt to make today! We will also attempt to make Tortas Fritas which are awesome! So good, basic and cheap. We have tried to cook more and not just eat chips and bread. My meals mostly consist of bread. See photo. I was eating breakfast and studying when my companion took a picture and said. Look, missionary breakfast! We also had no power for a little while so we made mac and cheese in the dark and it was just fun.
The legal week is also way funny because we see people regularly rolling blunts and chilling. Cops here don´t bust people for anything. It´s way funny.
Today we took a more expensive bus and apparently people hop on and play music and sing and then ask for money. It was cool and I pretended to be asleep. It was awesome.
Getting up in the morning is always tough. My companion had a bit of a hard time one morning. See photo.
We also had the great opportunity to kill slugs this week when they crawled out of our sink! Three came out so we killed them with salt and then burned them while taking video. We also burned a few spiders. You would be surprised what becomes extremely entertaining out here. Way funny stuff. We also kill flies with bugs which is not only fun but even funnier to watch your companion do. 
We had the greenie conference this week and I was relieved to see my Spanish isn´t the only awful Spanish out here. Nevertheless I need to try harder. 
Love you guys! Let me know if you want to hear about anything specific!
Elder Moss


  1. Danke, liebe Monika, dass wir das so auch mitkriegen koennen