Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 6, 2014

My district leader Elder Bekker told us we email at 2 PM and then people said it was at 6:30 AM and I am like 15 minutes late so I only have 40 minutes left. Sorry!
This week has been quite the learning experience and has been really hard. The plane ride here had about 14 of us but we were all split up so we could probably talk to people. It is SO HOT AND HUMID HERE. Yesterday we started just sweating in the classroom. It´s so hot and humid that the scriptures warp and crinkle in our classroom which AC system sucks. Plus there is thirteen of us crammed into a classroom with a teacher. This MTC is quite tiny with 8 of us in a bedroom at a time. It´s all one building for all guys, girls, classrooms, kitchen, sacrament rooms etc. Everyone here is plenty nice but God really wants me to learn how to deal with people. The whole district is in love with this guy that I am not particularly fond of. He has short man syndrome and that is all I have to say on the matter. Learning how to love everyone is a skill not easily obtained for me.
I won´t go into detail but we also have bidets here and they are awesome! Mother, please explain what a bidet is to Brandon because I feel he would partiularly enjoy it.
No one here is really like me so I don´t really have anyone to talk to but they are all fine and nice and whatever. The older group of North Americans have a few people that I feel more comfortable with and more like me but they leave in like 5 days so that stinks. These people are awesome and are always uplifting though. I´m not complaining.
My companions (yes I have two because we have an odd numbers) are just fine. They are both very nice but both quite a bit different from me. For the most part, the North Americans are from Utah which says a lot about them in the first place. But the Latinos are my favorite. There are tons of them and they are so crazy and funny. I can´t wait to get this language down so I can mess around with them more. The other night they started moshing and chanting and singing the song everyone sings in Soccer stadiums as loud as they could. Then the older North Americans came downstairs and started singing the National Anthem and everyone was screaming at each other and laughing and just having a great time. We have an insane Latino in my room who decided he would mess with a 6´5´´ BYU football player which went hilariously. I wrote about it in my journal.
I´m learning the language somewhat well. Everyone here had Spanish in high school except one other guy so I´m one of the slower ones which was incredibly discouraging the first few days. I was truly humbled for a few days, in a plentitude of ways. I´m not going to lie, that was probably the hardest week I have ever had. But it is looking up so don´t worry! We already teach two fake investiagtors almost daily in only Spanish which is incredibly difficult but we are getting better. One of my companions had four years of Spanish in high school and then me and the other guy didn´t take Spanish at all in high school. Guess who does most of the talking?
The schedules are incredibly insane and very hard to sit in a classroom for so long with the same people. I am always busy and have almost no me time. Only about a half hour out of the sixteen hour days.
Sunday was quite awesome because the testimones born were incredbily uplifting and made me realize I am not the only one struggling.
Today we get to go to the Buenos Aires temple though! We live about 30 yards from it which is awesome. It is incredibly beautiful. Be sure to look it up!
We have awesome teachers and they are so funny and kind and make everything just that much better. Our district got locked in our classroom this week which was hilarious so a worker came in through the roof of the classroom and sawed the way out. It was very entertaining.

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