Monday, July 20, 2015

Comments from Derek on his pictures. See if you can figure out which comment belongs to which picture. Good luck!

Beautiful park no? Needs renovations....

As always, everywhere there are disgusting irrigation canals. I even have a video of playing with this water but it is too big to send sadly. Sorry, just a picture will have to suffice.

One of the recent converts in the ward with a shell of an armadillo. I still haven´t eaten one, but it is a specialty here to eat armadillo. We would have been able to have eaten this one, if we wouldn't have had a lunch already that day. Sad no, I really want to try it!

I love the variations in cars here. Even the ones with three wheels. These are actually decently common here. Cool huh? Found this beauty in the tiny town we visit sometimes!

I told you, this country thinks that oil is a flavor. It is a huge problem here, their use of oil. It is SO BAD. They use it like water in their cooking. This is the city´s grocery store aisle of oil. YUCK.

One of the elders in our house completed a year in the mission last week, so we blew a lot of money and I made us fried chicken(I learned from the girl I dated in college) and we had ice cream, pop corn, Brazilian otter pops and a 3.3 liter bottle of pepsi. Good times!
I hope you get all the photos!

This is a family home evening we had the other week with a somewhat active family and they made us really good hot cocoa with merengay? I don´t know how to spell it and mixed in egg yolk in the hot cocoa and corn starch to make it thick. It is strange but really good.

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