Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16th, 2015

Dear todos,
Today is the changes P day so I found out that I am staying another change here in Castañet B, Melo as a district leader. I am staying with the same comp (Elder Newton from Nefi, Utah) and things are going well. I am happy and still love this area dearly. We always rotate through people we teach so fast that I never even update you guys so I am sorry about that. Just know we are working hard. Investigators are struggling and one of ours trying to kill himself again so we went to the hospital yesterday to visit him but they didn`t let us because we are religious. So we just left a note for him. But he is struggling hard. Sad guy with a sad but just story. Other investigator`s uncle died that she took care of. Also sad. Other investigators are pretty new so updates are to come. Some less actives also came to church last sunday so we are stoked about that. Quite a bit of success with less actives here in Melo. I am grateful for that. 
Had a fun service this week cutting firewood again and playing with their birds, rabbits, chickens, hens, etc. It`s like a zoo. I went on a divison the other week and saw a monkey. We play with stray dogs, cats, sheep, cows, horses, goats, lambs etc on the daily. A little different than the city life I grew up with! This country is crazy! Also lunch on sunday we made the lunch drink by running outside in the member`s backyard, picking grapefruit, and juicing it. Super good. Little bit sour. Grapefruit soda is probably the most popular flavor of soda in this country. Weird no? I bet dad would like it. 
With the changes we are going to have an all american house for fourth of july which I am stoked about! Hopefully we do something fun like a barbecue. Our apartment complex has a barbecue so we will plan stuff. Other than that, not too much out of the normal this week! Life is good and things are looking up with the area. Only thing is that it is getting ridulously cold. It`s about 45 degrees in the house at night with humidity which makes it worse. The fleece blanket in sleeping bag method with two blankets on top works good though! Hahah. Good times. Nothing too bad to be honest though. I still much prefer the cold than the heat! 
Love you guys and talk to you all soon!
Elder Moss

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