Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24, 2015

Dear Family and Friends!
This week was really quite great. Lots of work in the offices with presentations changes we are trying to make here. There are a few areas in the mission who never get member lunches so we are working with President in sending them extra money every month so that they don´t have to live on rice, flour, and oatmeal. The only cheap things in this country. I personally have been trying to eat better too. I ate tomatos and onions for breakfast, and then a banana shake. Didn´t mix well at all, but I am on my way! I plan on not having diabetes by the time I am 25. Changing for the better, hurray!
I am grateful for being able to go to the temple. It was incredible. I just wish we would go more often. I feel that is necesary for us, so that we can be more spiritual and then help others, one day arrive in the temple. But the mission president´s wife´s car is really nice. Not nearly as big and bulky and dangerous on these tiny roads. I love it. But after today we go back to the van, they finally finished the air conditioning so that we aren´t sweating in the car. haha. But this week, Tuesday will be awful. 100 degrees and raining. That is like 80 percent humidity, and 100 degrees F. I am going to die. 
We have been leaving to work a lot and got some investigators but still struggling to get them to progress, or even open the door when we come.  I wish that these people could just give up three hours of their lives to show them something fantastic. If only they could do that, we would have so much more success.
Sadly in the attached photos, in the one with less people, I am the only person not in it. I was accompanying a missionary who was sick in the hospital who was not in these zones. So my companion dropped me off, I stayed with him, and now, I am the only one in this photo. But oh well. Most would say better that way! haha. But everything is going well, as we near my year mark here in 6 days. Kind of weird to think it has already been a year since I entered the MTC. I have truly learned so much, in so little time. What an incredible opportunity. 
Regarding the proselyting labor, we have finally adquired new investigators, but she is a little older and the daughter that lives with and takes care of her, doesn´t want her to go! So not only do we have opposition in desires of hers, but also her family. That is kind of rough but we are going to see what we can do to change that. 
Love you guys a lot and hope you enjoy the photos!
Elder Moss

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