Monday, June 2, 2014

May 26th, 2014

Dear Family and Friends!
Hey everyone,
Sadly this last week we dont have many stories. As we move into winter, it becomes more and more a living Hell. The winters here are filled with very very cold rains and lots of wind! So proselyting this week was tough but we did it anyways! Some missionaries give the excuse they are sick so they dont have to work but we prided ourselves that we still put in our time and effort. What the funny part of this last week was the supposedly water resistant jacket I have has a bigger neck hole than I have a neck.... So water got in my jacket and soaked my agenda and my 150 flashcards I made. Hahaha how terrrible. But oh well, the words and plans should be in my head anyways! If mom posts the picture youll see how my companion like the movie title, the best two years, and how much we love uruguay when it rains. It was pretty funny and funny to show our branch mission leader. You might also see all the pages of my agenda spread out across our chairs. 
Investigators wise we dont have much. Many people say they will be baptized so we return for the second lesson and no one is home or say they are busy. How lame. I guess they just dont want salvation! Sucks for them. Haha. But, we did go to an investigators home where the old parents arent members but have a missionary son. They are very nice and always invite us in but no progression. But! This week she was sick so we gave a blessing and maybe that will allow us more room for improvement. She started reading her sons preach my gospel since that blessing so fingers crossed! I also gave my first blessing in Spanish this week instead of just starting the blessing so that was cool! Nothing too much to report except that its freezing and we have a few hopeful investigators. Love you guys and hope you are all preparing for an awesome summer! Take care!
Elder Moss

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