Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12th, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been awesome for several reasons. Last Sunday was mother´s day so it was awesome to have the opportunity to skype home for forty minutes and see my lovely family again. Had to hold in the tears of course. My pride is still strong haha. 
In other reguards we have some new investigators that seem promising which makes the work so much easier.The work is incredible when you actually get to teach and feel the spirit. Walking around aimlessly 7-8 hours a day is obviously torture. I feel bad for American missionaries in that reguard. We always have people walking around and can talk. Most reject or are just being nice but at least someone there to talk to! But heating and air conditioning is nice on the other hand... Hard to judge! Haha. 
In weird reguards, we see people selling stuff and offering services in the street often like wash windows, sell flowers etc but this week we saw a fire juggler for entertainment while in the bus. Sick huh!? Way cool to see something new. Wish I could have given him a few pesos, that was awesome.
Other than that, we had transfers for a day, I forgot how to say it in English. Anyways, my comp went with the district leader and I got a old missionary with 22 months and we just went to members homes because he wanted to be lazy. It was really funny. I felt like I was taking a day off from the work. I felt bad but we still taught them and plus, I am the greeny that doesn´t speak Spanish and he didn´t speak English so it isn´t my fault. I wash my hands in front of you. (Read Jesus the Christ to get that reference.)The members always give food, have us in the house so we can sit down for once and it was just really easy. He sure does take advantage of the time when the district leader is away. 
We also had a multizone conference in the city so that was awesome, inspiring, and way fun overall. We all got free pizza, fruit and alfajores. So much fun and easier than working. You really come to appreciate the small things in a mission.  Thanks everything for the letters, packages, and emails. They are just so awesome to recieve and a great break from thinking about the work. You love the work but breaks are necessary. Hope all is well back home and you all are having fun! Even without me. Just kidding :) Love you guys.
Elder Moss

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